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Inherited A Home a beloved family member is a very difficult, emotional, and stressful time as you say goodbye to someone dear to you who has passed away. Unfortunately, as you’re grieving, you may also be responsible for funeral costs, as well as any debt your loved one left behind.

Military Transfer you are a member of the military, then it is very likely that you will have to transfer to new posts throughout the course of your service to your country. If you’ve purchased a home along the way, and are being transferred for an extensive time-frame or to a distant location or country, then you may decide selling that home is now necessary.

Relocating For Your Job you’ve been asked to relocate for your current job, or are planning on moving in order to take a new or better position in your field, then you have a lot of planning and coordinating to do in order to ensure you’re prepared for the move and the new place you’ll be living.

Lost Your Job our fast-paced American society, there are inevitable, cyclical ebbs and flows in the strength and vitality of the economy and job market. In times when the economy dips, an unfortunate consequence is that people may lose their jobs. If you have been laid off, downsized, or lost your job for other reasons, then you may have to make some tough decisions about your finances, and determine what assets you can afford to keep, and those you need to sell quickly to continue supporting yourself and your family as you seek a new job.

Filed Bankruptcy number of life circumstances can drastically change your financial situation and put you in a position where you have trouble paying all of your bills. Filing bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to wipe your financial slate clean and start over again by rebuilding your credit, and your life.

You Are Retiring you have reached the point in your career and your life when you are ready to retire, then you will have much to consider as you plan your financial future on a fixed income. During this time of deliberation and planning, you may come to the realization that selling your house will help you lead a life with more freedom and flexibility in your well-earned retirement years..

Getting Divorced you and your spouse are in the process of getting a divorce, you’ll inevitably have to make a hard decision about what will happen to the home you own together. Unfortunately, as you go through your divorce proceedings, you’ll have to separate all the finances you have linked together, including your home.

Death Of A Spouse death of a spouse ushers in a very difficult and emotionally taxing time in your life. While you’re grieving, preparing to say your final goodbyes, and celebrating the life of a deceased loved one, you’ll also be responsible for making decisions about how to handle debts and assets you shared together as a married couple.

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