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Losing a beloved family member is a very difficult, emotional, and stressful time as you say goodbye to someone dear to you who has passed away. Unfortunately, as you’re grieving, you may also be responsible for funeral costs, as well as any debt your loved one left behind.

If you’ve inherited a house from a deceased family member, then you may be struggling with the decision of when to sell that house. For sentimental reasons, it can be difficult to part with a home that’s been left to you in a family member’s will, but if there are remaining payments left on their mortgage or you have extensive funeral expenses and debt to handle, then you need to sell the house fast.

Inherited homes tend to be older and are often times in need of repairs and updates to make them an attractive and competitive listing with a traditional realty. This can cause additional stress and strife for you financially and leave you wondering, “Is there a way to sell my house as is?”

Fortunately, the answer is always “Yes” with Adonis Investment Group (AIG). AIG is an elite, experienced network of real estate investment experts who specialize in connecting people who’ve inherited homes with interested cash buyers who are ready to move quickly on the sale. AIG does not require you to make any upgrades or repairs to the home, and can typically sell a house “as is” within 7 days.

If have inherited a home, and need to sell it quickly to cover expenses, call (844) 429-2886 today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate. Adonis Investment Group, LLC has years of experience selling home in the Phoenix area, and we know how to sell a house quickly. Our business is devoted to helping people sell their houses quickly.

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