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Real Estate Investor Seeking New Trainees!




Wholesaling is a strategy where we can show you how you may be able to earn income without using any money but by simply negotiations and knowing the right process. The strategy involves in very little risk but alot of upfront work!

Fix & Flip

We’ll show you how to find the right fix and flip deals, find the capital and ultimately sell the property back out for your desirable profit. We’ll show you how you can estimate your repairs and how to negotiate the prices ethically!

Rental Properties

We’ll show you how to buy the right rental properties that best suits your long term financial strategy and creates a long term income source. We’ll also show you how to work with the best property managers and select the right tenant so that you don’t have to stress! Collect cash flow and create time freedom!

Financial Awareness

We can show you all the ropes from tax & legal, understanding mortgages, how to negotiate with the banks and all the way to structuring your business properly. We’ll also show you how and why the entrepreneur’s finances look different than the traditional employees.

…You will also have a shot to earn while you train!

“We went from being a broke 20 & 22 year college students to six figure earners in 2 years of working with this program and now, we’re wanting to give back and share how we did it!”

~ The Kwak Brothers, Sam and Daniel ~



Are you an open minded person who is willing to learn?

Action Oriented

 We want people to take action in spite of their fears. Our programs are community based, so you’ll always have the support you need.


You must have uncompromisingly high ethical standards.


We want people with the discipline and desire to invest in themselves, both emotionally and financially.

Great Attitude

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. We want people who think they can.

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