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As a homeowner, you are responsible for paying property taxes along with your home mortgage each month. Many lenders build property taxes into your monthly payment and remit those taxes on your behalf through an escrow account. However, if property taxes are not paid through escrow as part of your loan agreement, then you are responsible for paying them yourself each month.

Falling behind on your property taxes can have some serious consequences for you, including losing your home to liens or even foreclosure to settle the amount owed to the tax authorities. If you’ve fallen far enough behind in your property taxes that you are in danger of losing your home, then selling your home quickly and using the profit to cover the owed taxes is an option you should consider.

If you are behind on property taxes, and need to sell quickly, then you are probably thinking, “I cannot sell my house on my own, I don’t know how! Is there anyone who can provide me help selling my house?”

Adonis Investment Group has years of experience successfully selling homes quickly and directly in the Phoenix area. Our business is devoted to helping people improve their financial situation by selling their houses quickly. Call (844) 429-2886 today, to get a free estimate on your house.

Adonis Investment Group (AIG) can sell almost any home within 7 days. You will not have to pay any agent commissions or closing costs upon the sale, either. This network of motivated, successful real estate investment experts is dedicated to helping you sell your home directly and quickly for a fair, cash price. Fill out the Adonis Investment Group online form or call us today to get an estimate on your house, and see how fast you can catch up on your home finances and your life.

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